This is me

I am an experienced music Composer for Media based in Leeds, UK originally from Verona, Italy, where I grew up developing a deep love for music. 

Everything started when I first got into playing guitar, in 2007. From that moment I decided I wanted to become a musician, so, after high school (science degree) I applied for a music course at a  private music school, Aloud (ex CSM College), in Verona. There I achieved two Pearson’s degrees in Music and Popular Music (Extended Diploma and Higher National Diploma), learning and studying different subjects within the industry (performing, composition, recording, event management, aural skills, etc.), and developing a strong passion for music composition.


During these years I played in different bands and learned to play different instruments (bass, piano and keys, drums), and worked in the school itself as a guitar teacher.

When the opportunity of working as a live sound engineer arose, I just couldn't resist, so, after some gigs around the North of Italy I started up a little live sound service company with a friend of mine, Igor Dall'Avanzi. Together we managed everything and developed some serious love for music engineering, both live and in studio. That was what made me fall in love with music production, and the reason why I decided to come to the United Kingdom and apply for a Music Production course. 


I moved in Leeds in 2015 and did my undergraduate third year in music production, proudly achieving a First degree!

The experience was so exciting and useful, it made me grow so much that I decided to get a Master’s degree in music production as well, graduating in September 2017.


During university I met lots of interesting people and had the opportunity to work with a artists such as the Utah Saints, for whom I could make some music which was then published on the production music catalog at Sony, EMI and Universal.

I could participate in exciting masterclasses in music production, music for film, etc. learning from the top professionals in the industry such as Ken Scott, Phil Hardings, Richard Fromby (amongst others), getting to understand their workflow, tricks and suggestions which opened my eyes on the music production world.


Right after University I went straight into the real music industry, with lots of passion, determination and hope, scoring short films, making production music and producing artists. I also started to volunteer for Sofar Sound York and Leeds on November 2017 as sound engineer which has been an invaluable and exciting experience.

In 2018 I started to collaborate with the English duo The Dunwells in a production team, writing and producing songs and library music for sync, and assisting/engineering their sessions when collaborating with other artists such as Pete Murray, Lucy Spraggan, and many more.

In 2019 I became part of the Velvet Green Music roster as a production music composer, and made music for commercials, trailers, short films and video games as a freelance composer for media.

In 2020 I composed the music for Prisoner 518, an exciting horror VR escape-room video game, filled with tension and drama.

I then had the pleasure of making the music for my first indie feature film, Times & Measures, a drama/thriller about going to the limits of moral and ethical decisions.

I am constantly writing, composing, mixing and studying to improve my skills and abilities, living a simple but exciting life, often traveling back to my hometown to be close to my family and enjoy the Italian landscapes of inspiration.

Luca Fagagnini, 2020

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