Hail My Qatar - Paul Cherian

Here is an interesting project I had the pleasure of being involved on. This was a composition commissioned by a client on a very notorious freelance website that allows freelances to find works and opportunities, while providing people with the opportunity to find professionals for their projects on a bid basis.


I placed my bid on an ad that stated the need of a composition, with a cover letter and my portfolio, and after being selected, I got to talk with the client.

He needed a composition to be published for the Qatar National Day 2017, and he required something patriotic and inspirational, giving me a text file with lyrics to be sung over it.

After listening to reference tracks, I created my demo, which he liked, and, in a week, the composition was ready, vocals recorded (with the collaboration of Iona Corrin and her beautiful voice) and the product mixed, mastered and submitted.


The interesting thing about this project was that only vocals and guitars/bass were recorded, everything else was programmed!

This song features Iona Corrin as singer, while in the video Paul Cherian added his own vocals.

Original Version:


Lyrics: Paul Cherian 

Music: Luca Fagagnini 

Vocals: Iona Corrin Chard 

Audio Mixing and Mastering: Luca Fagagnini

Concept: Paul Cherian

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