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Audio Recreation: Assassin's Creed Black Flag

Some years ago I was working on a demo for a future showreel and I found the Italian version of the Assassin's Creed Black Flag trailer so exciting that I wanted to recreate the whole audio (voice over included!).

I was so excited. that I completed the production in less then a week with pure satisfaction with the results.

Somehow I decided to leave it there and I forgot about it until a couple of days ago, while I was wondering in the dungeons of my hard drive and stepped on that folder. 

With a smile on my face I opened the video and I couldn't help myself but laugh out loud: the quality was horrible, the orchestration sounded fake and everything was  really thin and unreal (and don't let me start with the voice over!).

Beside the quality, I was still appreciating the composition so I decided to restore and remaster everything to a better quality (more because of a sentimental attachment to the project, the first one ever done on my own!). So I re-recorded the voiceover (still in Italian, still horrible, sorry), changed samples, something in the orchestration, re-mixed and re-mastered everything, and decided to publish it here only website, where it is supposed to be.

Here is the video:



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