Prime Suspects, a graphic novel by Andrew Granville, Jennifer Granville and Robert J. Lewis - Trailer Music

"Prime Suspects is a graphic novel that takes you on a voyage of forensic discovery, exploring some of the most fundamental ideas in mathematics. Travel with Detective von Neumann as he leaves no clue unturned, from shepherds’ huts in the Pyrenees to secret societies in the cafés of Paris, from the hidden codes in the music of the stones to the grisly discoveries in Finite Fields. Tremble at the ferocity of the believers in deep and rigid abstraction. Feel the frustration—and the excitement—of our young heroine, Emmy Germain, as she blazes a trail for women in mathematical research and learns from Professor Gauss, the greatest forensic detective of them all." (From Princeton Press)
It has been an honour to work with Jennifer Granville (one of the three minds behind Prime Suspects) in the creation of the music for this trailer.
Making jazzy noir compositions is always a challenge and fun! Here is the link to the Princeton Press, where the graphic novel is available for purchase.