Let's make some waves.

Everything starts with a good conversation...

Whether you already have clear in mind how your song is going to sound or you only have a blurred idea, the production process starts with a quality chat about it.

I love to set the creative environment with a conversation about ideas, references, influences and life, know what the emotional core of the product will be and discuss on the vision.

The most important part of music production is to set a comfortable and creative pace and build a relationship with the artists in order to eliminate every layer or block in the creative flow.

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Over the time I have developed these three offers to make my services available at an affordable price while still offering the best quality, products and passion for your music.

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Single Song Production

Complete production of a single song. This is the complete package for working together on your song, from the songwriting to the arrangement and production, and the delivery of the mixed stereo-track.

5-song EP

This is the offer I run for a complete 5-song EP production.

Nothing is more important than your sound, and the vibes you are creating to make emotions.

A well crafted EP is not just a collection of songs, but an emotional musical journey.

Custom production? No problem!

If your project requires more songs, or a specific setup, or anything else, we'll make it sound great!

Get in touch now to find the best solution and rates!

My creative environment

I work from my home studio which has been built and arranged to offer the best comfortable vibes and atmosphere to let creativity flow.

Even though I love studio gear and I am constantly learning, upgrading and experimenting with the technical side of music production, I strongly believe that the key element of a musical production is the performance, and the heart and soul we put into the project..

That's why in my studio I always strive to create a cosy and comfortable environment for the artists I work with. 

It's all about feeling free to experiment, share ideas and genuinely trying to convey a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like some of the parts to be played by professional musicians. Is this service included in your rates?

My productions include all the instruments necessary to the development of the music, either programmed o recorded. However, for any additional live, unconventional or specific instrument/musician that you would love to include in your music, there are lots of great professional musicians with great rates that would be happy to get involved, both through my network and online, who I would be happy to hire at their own additional cost.

Do you produce bands as well as artists?

Yes, I love to produce bands! However, given the different type of production and process, al the recording sessions will need to be done in an external studio, with an additional studio fee (which varies depending on the chosen studio).

I'd love to work with you! But I am a bit far from your studio, do you do remote productions? What tools will I need?

Absolutely! Even if it seems more difficult to collaborate online, with some quality Skype conversations and a solid file exchange method, we can make amazing music even if you live on the other side f the world!

How does remote production work?

There are a couple of fundamental things needed for a remote music production: high speed internet connection, (for files exchange), and some basic recording equipment from your side (we will need to work on a very simple demo recorded by yourself, in order to produce your music) Basically we would have a chat online about your music, your vision and song(s). Then, if your song is actually already written, I would need a simple vocal + instrument demo (or instrumental demo if it's not a song). With the instrumental track and the vocal track separate, recorded on click (metronome) I will be able to work and arrange the song following the discussed vision. In every major step of the production I will send back to you draft mixes to update you on the progress so you will be able to send me your feedback and suggestions which I'll use to develop the production further. This exchange of files will continue until you will be happy and we can conclude the production. Easy peasy!

Royalties and copyright, how does that work?

In order to offer an affordable price, for every production I will ask for 15% of the performance/sync royalties and 15% of the mechanicals. Other than that, everything else will be owned by yourself and you'll be free to use your music for everything you want.

Do you offer mix and mastering services?

I do offer mixing and mastering services and I will be happy to help you in creating the best sonic experience your song can provide. Contact me to have a chat about your projects!

Luca is a very talented music producer and writer. His work ethic and attention to detail are second to none. Luca is able to interpret a wide range of briefs quickly and professionally, and always delivers a quality product.

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