Side Projects

Session Musician

I have been involved in lots of productions and live projects internationally both as a session guitar player and bass player.

Some credits include Erotomania European Tour with Melissa Otero, John Stainthorp, ​Giulia Tudisco, David Laycock, Marcus Thompson, Elvira, Curly Wurly and The Refreshers.

As a studio guitar and bass player I offer top professional quality instrumental parts both in studio with you or remotely using my professional equipment which include top end audio interface and microphones, Mesa Boogie Mark V amplifier, Gibson Les Paul Traditional, Fender Stratocaster 50s Reissue, Fender Telecaster Corona, Top analog effects and digital reproductions, Sire Marcus Miller Jazz bass and a collection of acoustic guitars, and Ukuleles.

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Would you like to learn abut music production? Always wanted to play guitar or bass? Interested in learning more about music?

Well, the secret to learn something and become a master of it is to practice, constantly. It doesn't have to take your life, but if you can commit to at least 30 minutes of your time every day, I assure you that you will become a skilled musician and producer quicker than you think.

Having someone who can guide through your learning process, correct you, and work with your own learning strengths and weaknesses, to find the best solution which works just for you is highly recommended though.

After years of experience in teaching I have developed a method which will teach you everything you need to know about music, music production, composition, playing guitar or playing bass through practice and empirical experience.

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