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Luca Fagagnini is a music composer for film, TV, commercials, trailers and video games. His musical style blends beautiful acoustic and orchestral instruments with modern unique synthesisers and electric guitars, ranging from hybrid epic orchestral to emotional and delicate drama, upbeat commercial pop and atmospheric folk, with a fundamental core element: a passion for narrative.

Growing up in Verona, Italy, Luca has been amazed by the narrative power of music from a young age, spending hours and hours listening to soundtrack albums of motion picture scores and eventually deciding that music had to be his life. 

After learning to play guitar, writing songs in various bands and an achieving Higher National Diploma in Popular music, he moved to Leeds, UK, where he studied music production at the Leeds Beckett University, graduating in 2016 and getting a Master's degree the following year with Distinction. During these years Luca met and learnt from legendary producers such as Ken Scott, Phil Hardings and Steve Parker, creating contacts that would land him production music placements with Sony/ATV, EMI and Universal.

Luca has worked on various short films, composing original music for the award winning Coup De Pion (2021), AlGa’Aila (2019), the short drama Bruised Reflection (shortlisted at the Nightetc Edinburgh film festival), and many more.

In 2020 he worked with the team of developers at WhippedUP_Gaming, conceptualising and composing original music for the horror video game Prisoner 518.

Later in 2020 he composed the score for the feature thriller/drama Times & Measures, available to stream on Amazon Prime.

In addition to composing music for media, Luca is also a music producer and, in 2019, he collaborated with American singer-songwriter Melissa Otero in the production of Erotomania, joining her in her European tour as a session guitarist after the release of the album.

In 2019 Luca joined Velvet Green Music’s roster of composers, creating music for their production music catalog.

Luca Fagagnini currently resides in Verona, Italy.

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