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Out Now! New track by Elvira

Following the release of the Single Hot Air Balloon, the Italian artist Elvira has now released the second track of her EP, In Case You Loose Me.

Elvira contacted me some time ago with her demos, asking for an opinion..

At the time I had just moved in Leeds, so she sent me her piano-vocal demos and asked me if I could work with her and produce her first EP. I gladly accepted: her psychedelic sounds, and unique genre intrigued me. She had something to say and needed to say it loud so I asked her some reference tracks and worked on the demos, producing the arrangements following her leads, tastes and feelings, while bringing in my own suggestions and sounds.

After the recordings done at the Leeds Beckett University Studios (really troubled ones, I have to say, because we made them during a summer recording event and there was a lack of equipment, Elvira came to Leeds for a couple of weeks, so our time was restrained, and the difficulty in finding musicians), the mix and master of the tracks, she was ready to take this project to the next step.

I proudly produced this project, and I'm sharing here with you her second track, În Case You Loose Me.



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